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. and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday, april 15th, 2010. thousands of tea party supporters are gathering right now in washington. they're using tax day to show their frustration whooefr they're paying the government and how those tax dollars are being spent. rallies and protests are planned across the district throughout the day. one of the biggest rallies will take place this evening on the national mall. organizers expect hundreds of thousands of people to show up. brian mooar is on the mall and joins us live now with more on this. brian, good morning. >> reporter: hi, barbara. tea party members from across the country are coming here to make a statement to a government they say is just too big, taxes too much, and they really want to make their voices heard. but organizizers say that this is more than just a rally. they say that they want to take these big numbers of people and move them into the ballot boxes later this year. but the rallying cry will be heard today as the protesters, many thousands of them, march through the city. even as we speak, they're ju
in just a few minutes. barbara? >> hope it's a good weekend. >> well, we'll see. >> all right. we'll see in a few minutes. >>> let's check on the midday traffic with jerry edwards. how is it looking out there? >> barbara, good morning. it's been a tough tail end of the rush hour for the midday. a nasty crash a little while ago, outer loop of the capital beltway as you head toward the dulles toll road. police pretty much have everything wrapped up but in the meantime traffic is running slowly. the outer loop delays back at river road, the accident at the georgetown pike completely at the shoulder. another 30 minutes hopefully now barring late complications. those delays should ease. inner loop of the beltway toward tyson's and toward the i-95 interchange. we'll keep you updated. barbara? >> all right, jerry. thank you. >>> we are following a developing story out of the gulf coast where the coast guard is looking for 11 men still missing after tuesday's oil rig explosion. the blast injured more than a dozen people, four of them critically, and the fire on that oil rig is still burning this
the latest on this spill. >> barbara, the governor is asking for the national guard to step in and help. this morning, the navy said it would open its local facilities for crews sending in extra boom and skimming systems. as crews desperately work the waters to protect theÑi gulf coast, another group watches and hopes their livelyhood won't get washed away. >> this is a manmade disaster. >> reporter: louisiana officials opened the waters early. the water in this area generates a third of the nation's seafood production. business after hurricane katrina was tough and this incoming oil slick could killñr their profession.w3 >> yes, that would put us out of business. and it's so hard to have come back as far as we've come back to get beat down again. some fishermen tried getting their boats out, only to be turned away by the coast guard. officials estimate the blown-up whale is spewing some 500,000 barrels or 200,000 gallons of oil each day into the gulf. the deep water horizon rig exploded last week and has been leaking ever since. it could become the nation's worst environmental disast
, and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's the first day of april, 2010. in the news at this hour, investigators are still piecing together evidence that led to one of the worst shootings in d.c. history. nine people were hit by bullets in a drive-by shooting in southeast washington on tuesday night. four of them died, all teenagers. now police say they were all gathered outside after the funeral of another murder victim. right now, police have three suspects in custody. one man is suspected in both tuesday night's murders and the murder of the man whose funeral was held last night. one other suspect is still believed to be at large. it's yet another tragedy in the district, another act of violence in a deadly cycle that is claiming the lives of the young. tracee wilkins joins us live from southeast washington where the pain is still very fresh. good morning, tasey. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. absolutely. because of the number of people who were shot and killed on that corner, it's almost as if everyone in this community has some kind of connection to someone
, live in hd, in is "news4 midday." >> good morning, and welcome to news4 midday, i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, april 28th, 2010. and we begin with new information today from the national zoo. they're now confirming that female giant panda may shong is not pregnant, but was experiencing a pseudo or false pregnancy during the past several months. zoo officials made the conclusion of a final ultrasound and hormone analysis. she is expected to return to normal hormonally and behaviorally in the coming days, which includes an increase in appetite and activity levels. the giant panda habitat at the zoo is reopened this morning after being closed to keep an eye on may shong. >>> metro trains are running back on schedule right now. earlier this morning, however, it was a different story. several minor problems caused many riders to be delayed. a cracked rail was discovered near the nailer road station the green line. and on the blue and yellow lines, a maintenance vehicle lost its wheel on the track near the crystal city and reagan national airport stations. news4's megan mcgrath tell
is running for president in election is this weekend. the freedom parties barbara rosenkranz is running at all, has sparked out rage among many people as our core upon dent bethny reports. >> on the campaign trail, barbara rosenkranz. in the past, she's criticized tops of us tray a strict antinazi laws saying they go against freedom of speech. her nomination is the far right freedom parties can day date for the largely ceremonial role of president has caused outrage here. austria was deeply involved in the crimes of the third right. now, it's i legals deny the holocaust or to make statements that /tkpwhor guy the nazi regime. >> i'm not debut my voice. i hope you understand. >> these days. barbara rosenkranz strongly denies ever wanted to get rid of the antinazi laws. she says the presidency based at the palace should properly present austria. >> barbara rosenkranz belonged theous tray an people. anyone that wants to say something or criticize or needs help, must find a person to talk to in vienna. >> but manyous try answers think it's is a scandal she's running at all. they've bee
. >> good morning, barbara. dr. dorothy height had such a tremendous impact on so many people. and people of all walks of life are paying tribute to her today. if you look behind me here, we're at the headquarters of the national council of negro women, an organization that she dedicated half of her life, too. and you can see that people are leaving flowers here at a plaque that's on the corner of the building. we've seen a number of tourists stop by as well to pay respects. if you think about it, dorothy height had such a long life. that's part of the impact she had. she lived to be 98 years old and she was active, according to friends, pretty up to the very end and so her vision and her work spanned generations. she was unwavering in her pursuit of equal reitz. a role model for several generations. at the national council of negro women, the organization she headed for more than 50 years, there is sorrow, but also celebration of a life well lived. and a legacy of true impact. >> she was the woman, major woman in the civil rights movement. so all of the things that have opened up today i
," i'm barbara harrison, thursday, april 29, 2010. >>> the nation is coming together this midday to celebrate the life of diorothy height. she died at age 98. she's looking at the funeral that is taking place as we speak at the washington national th cathedr cathedral. >> the love in this sink wear it is a testament to a life lived righteously. a life that lifted other lives, a life that changed this country for the better over the course of nearly one century here on earth. >> president obama delivering the eulogy just moments ago. people began lining up well before sunrise for the opportunity to say good-bye to dr. dorothy height. we have more live from outside the national cathedral with more. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. dr. height was one of the last links in a long chain of pioneers. women in the african-american community like barbara jordan, civil rights leaders before there was a movement. they were filmists in before there was a femme -- feminists before there was a feminist movement. that's why so many gathered to say a final farewell and thank you. this morning
, ana barbara habla de su retorno a la música tras años dedicada a su familia aquí los detalles veamos >> a los angeles, hizo un viaje relámpago, ana barbara grabó en la ciudad una campaña para una cadena de tiendas se prepara para el lanzamiento de su nuevo disco rompiendo cadenas >> el título del disco se lo puso a mi hijo emiliano, por una canción que dice, y rompemos las cadenas! >>> el primer video musical de esta por educación, fue filmado en cuba. >>> quisimimos explorar esa cultura con mi música casi coincide con juanes por allá. >>> si pero no. >>> fui otros días >> la cantante llevaba 3 añoss sin grabar un disco, dedicado a su familia. su esposo, josé maría fernández, y 4 pequeños >> como tienes tu vida como madre, tienes muchos personas que cuidar y tu vida artística como pueda ya, son miles de detalles que estoy tratando de ahí voy cuando necesito este consejo o algo como es que lo busca bueno, con terapias, hay está lo más importante en el mundo que es dios, y así lo veo >> ana barbara tiene dos, varones, y hace un año cría un matrimonio de su espo
sospechar que una cámara capta la evidencia >> hola que tal, ilia calderón >> también saluda barbara, gracias por estar con nosotros >> con las manos en la masa fue sorprendido un hombre en que se des hacia el cadáver de su víctimas en en la florida adelante ricardo >> este hombre incluso se presentó frente cámara de televisión, llorando por la desaparición de su esposa, pero parece que nadie quedó convencido con su actuación, y pocas horas después fue arresta arrestado, y acusado de matarla. >>> (llanto). estos son los momentos que decía que todo lo quería era que su esposa volviera a casa, horas más tarde, el vehículo fue recuperado de un lago en florida con su cadáver dentro, en el asiento del pasajero, y poco después fue arrestado acusado de asesinato el video de una cámara de seguridad, muestra sacando una bicicleta de la maleta del carro la imagen de noche. se ve al presunto homicida que lo vinocula a este crimen. la víctima fue nada menos que su esposa de 41 año, desaparecida el pasado 23 de marzo, luego que llevara los hijos de ambos al colegio >> la polic
is an important one and a tricky one. >> barbara, did you want to get into the spectrum discussion? >> well, actually i wanted to make a slightly different point, which is, which is the question whether the government should fund journalism in any way, shape or form is at the heart of the first amendment we've been discussing here and i came across the other day a study of four argentinean newspapers and this was a study conducted by a harvard business school professor and a northwestern business school professor. and they looked at the four argentinean newspapers over 10 years and looked at specifically the amount of coverage in those newspapers that was critical of the government and then they looked at the amount of advertising that had been placed in those newspapers by the government, and indeed in argentina unlike here, that's quite common and done by whim. the government can put any amount of advertising it wants. it is not public noticed related or anything like that. surprise, surprise, there was a quote, unquote, huge correlation between the amount of dollars that were spent in th
the influence. >> reporter: that lady is barbara harris. >> it's a one-time payment of $300. if they get the iud, it is payments every six months when they verify that the device is still in place. >> i got the iud. when you are on drugs, you aren't thinking about using condoms. you aren't thinking about taking a pill. you're just having sex out there using. and if it -- she's going to give you $300 to get aiud in place for ten years, maybe you can get that chance to go out there and get sober. >> reporter: there's a critic in hawaii -- >> it is better to give the message here's recovery and you can have a wonderful life and raise children of your own and be a great parent than it is to say there's no hope for you and take the sterilization. >> who's to say if i didn't get this done and if i was still out there using that i wouldn't come out pregnant again? if i was to come out pregnant again, who's to say i won't do it over and over again? it's a cycle. if i don't break it now, who's to say i won't keep doing it? >> reporter: it's been a month since she took the deal. no more children she says.
't be lifted until 8:00 tonight. that means bus routes continue to be detoured. not good news for barbara flint. >> i need a bus but you see all of these buss? i don't know where they stop. so i'll have to walk all the way down to eighth street to try to get a bus. >> vip motorcades may still cause some rolling closures and traffic delays tonight. and the mt. vernon metro station will not reopen till 5:00 a.m. wednesday. folks should expect to see work crews around the convention center for another day or two as the metal sensing used to create the secure zone is pulled down and hauled away. and today, of course, is the final day of the summit. so the hope is that thing will get back to normal without any further incident. again, they have identified the woman who was killed in that accident yesterday evening at 12th and new york avenues, identified as 68-year-old constance holden, a writer, a science writer, science journalist and a portrait artist from washington, d.c. back to you, barbara. >> thank you, megan. >>> today first lady michelle obama will travel south of the border to mexico. thi
can do and other things that the government should stop doing that should also might help. >> barbara, you want to suggest anything? [laughter] >> oh, we could go on. all day. and -- >> andy might want to jump in there, too. >> yeah. but let me just pick up on a point. when you talk about local jame. -- localism. and you had alluded to the local news councils that might be discussed. there's kind of a conflation of national news and local news. and everybody thinks it's all the same. when indeed it's quite difficult. -- different. and the european examples are primarily national news organizations that have been funded. i'm very close to the local news business. i mean, we have newspapers in big cities like phoenix and detroit. but we also have appleton and oshkosh. and the thought that there would be a local news council in each of those communities that would somehow figure out what quality journalism was in an unbiased way. and give that money to the -- to the best -- to the best entrant is kind of ridiculous. i mean, who would be on that council? who would be judging the quality o
.s. news & world report and national correspondent for newsweek. and, finally, right here is barbara wall, vice president and senior associate general counsel of gannett company, which advises gannett's newspapers, television stations and websites on issues, including intellectual property, rights, ethics, privacy and libel. she has been with gannett since 1985, and previously was in private practice. please welcome the panel. [applause] >> and i make it, by my count, three journalist versus three attorneys so they should be interesting. [laughter] >> we will save some time later on for your questions, but first i'd like to begin by asking susan and steve to tell us what they have learned so far from the studies that they are conducting on the state of the media, and i would like to start barbara.n. i first want to emphasize that the views i express today are my own. they do not necessarily represent those of the commission or of the individual commissiocommissioner. and this is especially important, because of the commission is still in a fact gathering stage. as barbara mentioned, the f
is here and can tell us more. >> hey, barbara. we had the thunderstorms last evening. thankfully they did not produce any wind damage. just a lot of hail. right now looking at the radar over the last hour, you can see these areas of moving color are some showers that have been coming through, moving southwest to northeast out of northern virginia crossing the potomac and moving into maryland. and at this hour, the rain activity is now confined to the district of columbia and fairfax county and montgomery county and moving off to the north and east up through frederic county and howard county now. much of virginia now is drying out at least temporarily. later on this afternoon, we could get more storms top popping up. we're in the mid 50s in prince george's county. it's been holding in the 50s all morning long. we had the passing showers. also mid # 50s in montgomery county now where they're getting that rain. also mid 50s in fairfax county. southern part of the county getting rain. where the rain seized, it's warmed up a bit. in the shenandoah valley, it reached the mid 60s. later on for
barbara mikulski and now she is running for reelection. >> i have colleagues that say it is tough, it's so hard. yes, it is tough, it is hard. they want to quit. i am going to tell you something, i am not shy, i am not retiring. i am here today to announce my candidacy for reelection to the united states senate. >> senator mikulski is considered the dean of the women serving in the u.s. senate. >> if your a b.g.e. customer, we have good news for you tonight. you can expect to see a drop in your monthly bill soon. the price b.g.e. pays for energy has gone down, so the savings will be passed on to customers. electric bills should fall about 8.4%. to the average customer, that is about $150 a year. >> i can put it toward some other things, maybe take a vacation. >> when you live on a fixed income, you try to figure out your budget. >> be ge says it can be attributed to the decline in usage and the decline in alternative fuel costs. governor martin o'malley is also crediting changes made within the public service commission. >> an audit revealed that state agencies do not have the resources to
. welcome to "news4midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, april 14th, 2010. >>> right now, the d.c. council is meeting to discuss the budget for charter schools but another big issue that could come up is a potentially mass sieve error by the public school system. last year, more than 250 teachers were fired because of tight budget constraints. but now it turns out that budget may have been miscalculated. news4's megan mcgrath has the latest from northwest washington. >> good morning. there are questions about the budget numbers. specifically what the average d.c. teacher makes per year. there's the possibility that the numbers used to calculate the budget were wrong. meaning the school system has a surplus rather than a budget deficit. last week, there were hugs between the teachers union and city leaders when a new contract was agreed upon. this week? there is anger. >> we all are quite angry at this situation. >> last fall, 266 school employees were laid off. sparking protests. the reason given by school chancellor michelle rhee, a large budget shortfall. but new information h
pretty good. keep an eye on it and keep you updated. barbara? >> talk to you again shortly. >>> new today, a park dedicated in memory of a murdered teen. diamond teague was a 19-year-old when he was murdered back in 2003. teague was a member of the earth conservation corps, a group whose members worked to restore and clean the river and surrounding areas. in his memory, the mayor and conservation corps just a short time ago dedicated the diamond teague park and marina. the park cost $8 million to build. it's located across from nationals stadium. the marina at the park lets baseball fans get to the stadium by water taxi. teague's slaying is still unsolved. his parents attended the morning dedication. >>> after an arrest, police believe they have everyone responsible for a mass shooting in southeast washington. yesterday d.c. police arrested 21-year-old jeffrey best. she's charged with several counts of murder. back in march, on the 30th of march, four people were killed and five others injured in a drive-bishoots on south capitol street. four others are facing charges in that shooting as
'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, april 21st, 2010. and right now, your safety on metro, a hearing under way on that on capitol hill. a house committee is discussing the transit agency's recent efforts to improve safety in the wake of several accidents. this comes just one day after leaders of d.c., maryland and virginia came together to ask for more oversight of the agency. news4's megan mcgrath joins us with more. >> good morning. there have been 15 accidents in the metro system in the last year. the chairman of the committee on oversight in government reform opened this hearing by saying that was completely unacceptable and that something needs to change. now, metro officials including the new interim gm, richard sorrells are appearing before that committee today to answer questions about their safety record and what's being done to make sure that the system and the passengers are safe. now, some lawmakers a calling for more oversight over metro. specifically that there needs to be an agency with real teeth, real enforcement powers to watch over the system as well as come up with safe
." i'm barbara harrison. it's friday, april 16th, 2010. police found a d.c. school principal inside his home dead this morning. right now they say it looks suspicious. police were called to the 9300 block of columbia boulevard last night. in the same house where two people were killed back if 2002. tracee wilkins is live in silver spring with what she has learned. >> good morning, barbara. this is shocking for the people in this community because they have lost their neighbor. and also, because of how ironic it is that there were two people killed in that house less than ten years ago. let me show you right now. police are out front of the home. they have yellow crime tape all the way around the house signifying this is still considered a crime scene. we talked to some neighbors who tell us this man was very close to co-workers at school. in fact, police say that's who found him dead. >> people who live in this community are trying to wrap their heads around a third person found dead in the same home in less than ten years. >> it's surprising because it's already the second murder that
want to come up here? because let me say, once again, because barbara and i are supportive of don't ask, don't tell -- of repealing don't ask, don't tell, so iat im hollering. bill: welcome back, everybody. we shared this poll with you yesterday and thought we'd return to it today because it is stunning. trust in the folks running washington, reaching historic lows. look at this number from pew research, 22 percent of americans surveyed say they trust our government almost always or most of the time. that leaves 78 percent in a whole other category. that's a 50-year low. sobering news to incumbents in d.c. up for reelection in november, and art laffer is a former economic adviser for president reagan, author of the book "return to prosperity, how america can regain its superpower status". the economy and politics are so intertwined and you've seen so many of these ups and these downs and whether it's the impact on wall street or our bottom line and what's happening in washington, what happens when only 22 percent of america trusts its government to operate? >> let me just say that this
and the penalty you face if you don't meet the deadline. good afternoon, everyone. welcome. i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. this is dead line day in the effort to count the american people. that count affects the way you are represented here in washington. and how much money is sent back to your local communities. the officials with the u.s. census say far about 52% of the nation's households returned their census forms. the breakdown also looks good for the washington region. in virginia, 57% of the forms have been returned. while in maryland, 54% of household forms have been returned. in the district, the number is 47%. but if you are one of the millions that have yet to return yours, you may want to get on that. tracie potts is working the big story this afternoon and is live on capitol hill. hi, tracie. >> reporter: good afternoon. today is not the deadline day yes. those numbers for maryland and virginia look good. they are above the national average. but this year, census officials say they think they may have a little more difficulty tracking people down be
senator, barbara boxer. it was one of the privileges of being a senator that i had a chance to work alongside barbara. you know, california has been -- you know, california has been a leader in promoting hybrids and cleaner burning fuels and appropriately you have in barbara boxer a compact senator with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy. now, a lot of you are aware of how deeply barbara cares about the environment, about her work to pursue a clean energy future, and that work's important, but i also want you to know that this is a woman who has a deep passion for fighting for you. fighting for all her constituents here in california. she's passionate about fighting for jobs, jobs with good pages, jobs with good benefits. she's passionate about fighting for california's families. she is -- we are going to do that. hey, hold on a second. hold on a second. we are going to do that. so, let's -- >> yes, we can. yes, we can. yes, we can. yes, we can. >> all right. guys, guys. all right. i agree. i agree. i agree. now -- no, listen. what the young man was talking about was we need
, for my money, it will always depend on the commitment of the ownership and what barbara said about a commitment to watchdog journalism, that is what is going to distinguish journalism in the future. i think that's very, very hopeful. susan. >> i just w there are now six state capitols have no reporters covering them. well, yes there is lots of innovation going on and we're not talking about everybody, every newspaper in the country dying tomorrow, there is a significant loss of journalistic capacity. i do think that that's, that's what we're really talking about here. we're not talking that particular entities. we're talking about the journalistic capacity. in particular with respect to public affairs journalism. that combined with the local nature is really where the most concern is an economic theory would suggest there should be the most concern. >> to highlight that point, there had been a $1.6 billion contraction in newspaper spent on editorial. then they went around to foundations and said how much money do foundations put into journalistic start ups? it is a tremendous innov
's called let's move on to a chesterfield, mich. on our line for republicans. barbara, you are on. caller: good morning. i get nervous. give me a moment to get my comments about paid -- to get my comments out. when the report came out, it painted everyone that was a christian, who is ex-military, so you have comments from people like dick morris who said that of the conspiracy theories have been right. you have all of these things going on that have the american people frightened. we're not extremist groups. we are not racist. you are tried to paint a salt. they will bring up timothy mcveigh and put that he party in @@@@@@a @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ what barbara had to say? guest: the whole idea of foreign troops being prepared, this is very much part of the idea they will help impose martial law and so on. the report that was referred to was up and that came out of the missouri fusion center. it is a group of officials that worry about domestic terrorism and so on. most people like the caller, have never actually read these reports. the report was very similar to the department of common s
public trust? new book about daytime tv queen oprah has some in the media running scared. >> barbara walters won't have me on her show. >> are they afraid of oprah or protecting their favre right media maven? >> i've been amused over the last couple of days people having rallies. >> the president takes his shot onç tea party movement on tax day. did he take his cue from the mainstream press? the national enquirer comes up empty-handed despite their edwards blockbuster. were they robbed? top guy at fox news hits another high. fairness, plus balance equals success. >> the white house press complained on coverage of the summit. correspondent james rosen reports it turns out not all reporters are being denied access to the president and his advisers.ç >> an accomplished author president obama appears irresistable to his -- he captivated the emergency nation. i think it is safe to say that the white house press corp has been galvanized by him perhaps one could add, there's a touch of bias. he may reflect the sent -- >> -- >> whenever reporters cover the white house there are more jour
scared. >> barbara walters won't have me on their show. >> i've been amused the last couple days where people are having rallies from the president takes a shot at the tea party movement on day cares. did he take his cue from the main treatment press? pulitzers are handed out but "the national enquirer" comes up empty-handed. were they robbed? the top guys at fox news hits another high, fairness plus balance equals success. >>> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller, conservative communist andrea, jim pinkerton and alice henakin. fox news watch is on right now. president obama started the week by hosting world leaders as his nuclear summit in washington, whether the gathering will achieve meaningful results in nuclear security is questionable. as was press access. the white house press complained about restrictive limitations on coverage of summit. james rosen reports not all report remembers denied access to the president and i say advisors. >> president obama appears irresistible. >> he captivates the imaginatiod it's safe to say the white house press cor
elections in austria -- over the britney economy. -- britain economy. bethany has this report. >> barbara on the campaign trail. in the past she has criticized parts of austria's anti- nazi laws, saying they go against freedom of speech. it has caused outrage here. austria was deeply involved in the crimes of the third reich. now it is illegal to deny the holocaust or make statements that glorify the nazi regime. >> i will not give you my voice. >> these days she strongly denies ever wanting to get rid of the anti-nazi laws. she says the presidency should properly represent austria. >> it belongs to the austrian people. anybody who wants to say something must find a person to talk to. >> many austrians thing is a scandal she is running at all. -- they think it is a scandal. there have been protests against her presidency. barbara is not expected to win this election. polls say the current president is likely to get about 80% of the votes. the sensitivities about austria's past still run deep. >> the latest headlines for you. president obama is urging wall street not to fight its financial
once again, barbara and i are supportive of -- >> the president spoke at a fund raiser in los angeles on monday where he urged california democrats to work hard to re-elect senator barbara boxer. though the democrat friendly droud were not without criticism. they shouted at the president regarding the don't ask don't tell policy. >>> if you leave your kais in a bar there's a good chance you could go back and get them but one apple employee could get in trouble for what he left in a bar. the new iphone. it's scheduled to be released this summer. the lawyers for apple sent a letter asking for the phone to be returned. the phone is back in the hands of apple. no word on what will become of the careless employee. >> that's a pretty dumb mistake. >> if he or she is in marketing they'll get a promaegs, because co. >> coming up next on good morning maryland the orioles may not be exciting to watch >> but a battle behind the scenes really starting to heat up. >> fighting words aimed at cal ripkin over the orioles. hear the latest twist in an or controls ongoing family feud. >>> an apology fro
afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm barbara harrison. the skies may become more inviting for hundreds of thousands of air travelers stranded around the globe by a large volcanic ash cloud over europe. meteorologist of iceland say the eruptions are Ñiweakening. they also say the ash is no longer rising to a height to endanger commercial aircraft.ñró thousands of flights have been canceled even right here in our region. britain says flight restrictions will be lifted tomorrow morning and other british airports could reopen later in the day as well. >> nevertheless, air traffic controllers say fewer than 1/3 of flights in europe are taking off today. the shut down is costing the airline industry at least $200 million a day, and by some estimates up to $300 million. steve handlesman is live now on capitol hill. steve? >>. >> reporter: thanks, good evening. this economic crisis is by definition worse today because it's day five and people still aren't moving. but cleaner air might be in sight. the volcano call ed ayjafjoll is still spewing ash but it's decreasing. today, some european g
!el padrino y amigos cercanos de luis miguel nos hablan de la salud del sol de les saluda barbara bermudo. nulh esta tarde en primer impacto.h@ podÍa estarse practicando nuevamente por motivos comerciales!! descubra los espeluznantes detalles!!muchas personas se enfrentan a las compaÍas de cobro que tratan de recuperar el dinero prestadontérese qÉ puede hacer para evitar "el acoso" de las llamadas "agencias de coleccÓn"!! no se pierda la primicia del nuevo video de los creadorez del pasito duranguense, titulado "tienes lo que me gusta"!! #iontima hor@ h@univisionultima hescucharon los arguos de turah@univisionul@ ,bots y pas ovocando la muerte dÍas despuÉs. >> la defensa dijo que no hubo intenciÓn de causarle daÑo. a h@univisionultima horah@h@ulti@ >> h@unionhan sido acusados de por odio racial. h@tima hh@ h@univisionultima horah@h@ultim@ >> nos da mucho optimismo saber que al estar frente a la escena del crimen, tambiÉn existe una vecina que vio los hechos desde su departamento y reconociÓ a uno de los acusados. >> este declive fue primero llegar a la escena del delito,
is the only one. he stands alone with the beard. >> depends on the day of the week, but sometimes barbara walters. >> he looks like he is captaining a submarine, doesn't he? >> he does. >> lonnie, now that i am staring at you, do you buy this 1234. >> no. >> you have a weird thing about underwear don't you? >> yes, i do. >> join the club. seriously, join the club. it is an underwear club. all-american politicians have clean faces. should they grow beards based on this? >> no, it is behavior based. fortune 500 financial companies you can't -- if you want to be in the boardroom, it cannot be -- you cannot have a beard. it caw notes duplicity. everything i heard goes against the study. >> it is like you have something to hide. at least for the last hundred years. and i will tell you having a toothbrush mustache will not win you friends around the office. >> and if you want to hide your sexuality, that's a good way. i think that's where the term comes from. >> how come in five years you couldn't grow a beard? is that why nobody trusts you? >> it will grow here, but it is terrible. i can't eve
on the future of journalism, and is a little less than an hour and a half. >> i am barbara cochran, president emeritus of the radio television digital news association. a hush fell over the rims off that you're you're probably ready to get going here. our topic today does sound rather daunting. the future of journalism, is it time for a bailout? journalists and news consumers alike recognize this is a time of tremendous change in how news is gathered and delivered. americans are getting more news from a wider varty of ses than ever before, but at the same time the digital revolutiorevolution is demolishing some of the pillars of traditional news business models. than data, the former executive editor of the "washington post" and michael shifter, published a report last fall that said the economic foundation of the nation's newspapers is collapsing in newspapers themselves are shrinking. the knight foundation commission on information needs of local communities said, local journalistic institutions are themselves in crisis with financial, technological and behavioral changes taking place in ou
up at 6:00. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, pat. the frustration of the community overflowed last night when the mayor and police chief were booed when they showed up for the vigil. the mayor said he understands that anger. >> you have to understand, nine people were killed in your community, you would be irate and frustrated also. i mean, to think that you are going to a community of people wouldn't be upset or mad after that type of shooting on the corner of a busy street, it is quite naive. people should feel they can express their frustrations at the government because they want the government to do more for the community. >> the mayor said one of the gentleman later apologized for the booing. >>> coming up in our next- hour, we are going to take a closer look at that community outrage. we will have a live report from southeast. >>> would prince george's county pair med wriks involved in a mistaken death case are back on the job today. the ems were signed limited contact duty last friday. that's when they were call to a home to check on a resident in glenarden. the paramedics
obama hits the road tomorrow. he is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for senator barbara boxer in southern california. the california democrat is facing what could be a pretty tough re-election fight. joining us now from washington to talk about the political week ahead, cnn deputy political director, paul steinhausse rerks. good to see you. barbara boxer who really is fighting to keep her job. the president apparently wants to help her through this fundraiser and in one another way. >> boxer, of course, as you mentioned facing a very tough re-election this year. a tough climate for incumbents. the president is going to headline two events in los angeles tomorrow. the money is going to be split, half for boxer and half for the democratic party. we just saw the president in this fundraiser in chief role the other day in miami, thursday night in miami. two events there. he was the headliner at those events as well. the democratic party says -- not only the head of the first country, the chief democrat. as the mid-term elections, primaries heat up expect to see the president in th
for a reunion this sunday at the towson golf and country club. pat barbara, sareeb recenta, remember them now? what did you do after eastern? >> i went to work at black and decker, worked there for a few years, then had a family. >> where did you grow up? >> loch raven area. >> barbara? >> got married. went into banking for a bit, went into real estate and ended up doing tax preparation. >> serena? >> went to frostburg, graduated, got an elementary school school degree. and met an rotc out of hopkins. >> and hopkins took it over. it's no longer the high school. how many people are coming back saturday for this reunion? >> so far 200. the reune -- reunion is sunday. >> 200 people, quite an achievement 50 years later. don't you think? >> absolutely. >> do you remember who you took to the prom? >> my husband. >> oh! that was a good night. >> barbara. what do you cherish most about gettingities people back on sunday? >> it was an all girls school. there were close friendships formed. it's always good to see people you were very close to at that time. >> you three have been in touch? >> barbara a
'm barbara harrison. it's monday, april 12th, 2010. downtown d.c. is on lock down this morning. more than 40 world leaders are in town to participate in the nuclear security summit. because of that, most streets surrounding the washington convention center have been shut down. a security zone set up from "o" street down to massachusetts and new york avenues. we have coverage to gets you around the gridlock. tracee wilkins joins with us more now. >> mt. vernon metro stations closed. we've had several buses rerouted thuout washington, d.c. streets have been closed, as well. as you can see behind me, this is one of them. we're right here at massachusetts and 11th. you can't go any farther than this into this little area they have cordoned off to make sure all of this is secure for folks participating. nonetheless, we're hearing from officials that everything has gone pretty smoothly today. folks who didn't get the message found themselves trying to work around detours in downtown washington. there were a few minor backups at some of the street closures for the president's nuclear security summi
that they are in on the state of the media and i would like to start with susan. >> thank you very much barbara. i first want to emphasize the views i express today are my own. they do not necessarily represent those of the commission or any individual commissioner. this is especially important because the commission is still in a fact gathering phase. as barbara mentioned the ftc has a project on the future of journalism in the internet age. one of the first questions i often get is why is the federal trade commission involved in this? and so i wanted to share with you the fact, which is not well-known, that the ftc actually does have a special statutory authority to gather facts and issue reports on events or trends in the economy that have significance, and we have done this before. we have worked on a report on the radio industry in the 1920s. it was one one of the events leg towards the formation of the federal communications commission. in the 2000's we did a report on patent law and innovation so it is not something totally new that we are doing here. this certainly is the case that, when we look to s
much. president obama campaigning for nor barbara boxer in southern california. what about the more conservative districts? how much will he help or hurt democrats trying to get reelected. new analysis in three minutes. what happens when you put the anchor of "america live" in a room with the ladies of the "view." you will find out. but a wick program. >> they say was allegedly having a torrid affair. her name was joy. just saying. >> an italian absolute, no doubt. will mother nature?! hello lindsey. enjoying your monthly gift? i'm ignoring my monthly gift. really?! i can make it more interesting -- throw in some sudden rapids. i can handle it. be prepared for whatever mother nature brings. tampax pearl's new leakguard design... adapts to sudden changes in flow... for more leak-free periods than the next leading brand. i'm telling you, rough waters. no bathrooms for miles! outsmart mother nature with tampax. megyn: s.w.a.t. police are searching for up to 10 suspects following a reported home invasion in peoria, arizona. part of a neighborhood there has been evacuated. part of neighb
compared to it nazi-style social engineering, calling it eugenics. joining us is barbara harris, the founder of project prevention. she said her same is to simply keep addicts from having babies that can't take care of. and from new york, mary bard join us, the founder of connection which helps educate prisoners about addiction, paying addicts is ineffective and she says interferes with women's reproductive rights. barbara, let me start with you. tell me how this works. you go out and you find people who are addicted and you -- they can get their sterilization or vasectomy, they can get that paid for by medicare. and you will give them an extra 300 bucks for doing it? >> right. the women actually are referred to us through social workers or jails, drug treatment programs, there's a variety of different ways they come to us. and they get paperwork and they have to decide what type of long-term birth control or permanent birth control is best for them. they go obtain the birth control. send the paperwork back to us. we verify that they did get birth control, and then they're paid.
bases over seas? cnn's barbara starr joins us with that and this week's powerful earthquake left tens of thousands of people in western china homeless. survivors and rescuers, freezing temperatures and thin air in the remote region where the quake struck. we will have a report from john vause coming up next hour in the "cnn newsroom." i have missed you. pollen in the air kept hunter cooped up itching his eyes and sneezing. but now i found zyrtec®. it's #1 allergist recommended. with children's zyrtec® he can get 24-hour allergy relief indoors and outdoors. ♪ now he can run wild... with the rest of the pack. with children's zyrtec®, he can love the air®. [ male announcer ] this week only save up to $12 on zyrtec® products at ♪ [ male announcer ] designed to function the way you function. the lexus rx. ♪ at your lexus dealer. >>> school districts across georgia began standardized testing this week. and they've come under more scrutiny after suspicions last time around. audit found unusually high number of answers had been erased on thousands of tests. cnn's don l
. barbara boxer iser is being targeting by the tea party? >> barbara boxer is only up three points against tom campbell. he is very popular but not a lot of name recognition. chuck devore is running, two or three-point split. barbara boxer has a fault line running through her campaign that is bigger than anything. it looks sad. >> bill: the big dog is harry reid, senate majority leader in nevada and they are targeting him. >> yes, an interesting thing, on saturday he appeared at a really big immigration rally in nevada and he had tens of thousands of people that were supporting him because they think he is supporting a.m. next at this. he is down 20 points in the polls. mahmoud ahmadinejad would have a better chance. >> bill: all right. so he is down 20. i think he is done. >> i think he knows it, but he is fighting. >> bill: in arkansas, another person, senator blanche lincoln, they'll probably lose. that is two, possibly three big democratic senators. what about specter in pennsylvania? >> speck fer in the end, people don't like him. he voted for the stimulus bill along with the two main
family. she came here to news 4 the other day. here is barbara harrison. >> hi. >> hi. >> i'm barbara. so glad to see you. welcome to channel 4. i hear you are interested in tv. is that right? >> yes. >> reporter: inside the nbc 4 control room we got a picture of tom kierein ready to do a weather forecast. >> one minute. >> reporter: so we hurried to the storm center. tom, hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: she would like to watch you do your cut-in, if you don't mind. >> clouds moving iover. >> reporter: she's 14 years old. she came to this country nine years ago as a refugee from sierra leone. she's now in foster care. >> she has been in foster re two years. our goal right now is to find her an adoptive home. >> reporter: she asks to see the news 4 studio, a temporary one, until our new one is built which is under construction right now. the cameras was rolling when she told me a little of her story. beginning in war-torn sierra leone where she says she was lucky to escape the killings. you had quite a traumatic situation as a young child. >> yes. >> reporter: do you know who saved your lif
will have the family she's been dreaming of. barbara harrison takes us to meet sierra. >> hi. >> hi, barbara. >> so good to see you. >> you too. >> do you know where we're going? the international art museum. i know you want to be a lawyer. did you ever think you might want to be a spy? >> cool, i like gadgets. >> inside we met spy museum director peter ernest. >> it's good to meet you. >> once a spy himself during his 38-year career with the cia, peter offered us a tour and a firsthand view of what it's like to be under cover. >> and when people talk about i have a cover, that's when i pretend to be somebody else. >> sierra was fascinated especially when given her own cover, a new identity as a spy. >> here's what i want you to try and remember, okay? >> yes. >> what's your fame? >> jane myers. >> and you're what? >> a female. >> okay. all right. and how old are you? >> 13. >> how old are you really. >> 12. >> in real life, she era has had to make changes. five years ago at 7 years old, she became a foster child. >> she came to the system due to instability in her people. >> she says sierra
for work. president obama plans to turn things around. i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. first breaking news this afternoon. alexandria police are on the scene of a barricade situation. it is unfolding in the 4800 block of eisenhower avenue. authorities they arrived to serve an eviction notice. after knocking on the door, a gunshot was heard. >> right now there is no word of my injuries. the gunman locked himself in the house. hostage negotiations team is on the scene. we are told vre trains have been affected by the incident. trains 335 and 311 have been canceled. commuters should expect delays. more updates on this breaking news as they come in to us. >>> to the state of the nation's economy. some jobs have been added but not as many as expected. some of them are temporary census jobs. it is the largest growth in three years. mott enough to move the unemployment rate off 9.7% for the third straight month. steve handelsman is working on our big story this afternoon. live on capitol hill. >> reporter: thanks and good evening. this is a mixed report. more amer
'm wendy reer. >> i'm barbara harrison. jim is off tonight. >>> another place of busy tonight, that's the tidal basin. lots of folks are down there. trying to catch a glimpse of the cherryenssy the fantastic weath >> veronica joins us. too bad you are not outside. >> i was outside a second ago. hurried on in. it feels great outside. it really does feel a bit like summer across the area. with the low humidity, we have temperatures running generally in the mid 70s. the average high is 62 degrees. so we are months ahead here. 8 in germantown, maryland. low 80s. that's when we will see this weekend. few locations, touch up to 80, perhaps even 85 degrees with the south westerly wind. there is our high pressure system that brought the clear skies in. it is already off the coast. that will keep the numbers up, too, during the overnight period. 53 to 55 to start things off tomorrow morning. and another beautiful evening, very mild conditions coming up this weekends. and a dry stretch. hey, guys, i made a slight tweak to the forecast but despite that tweak, it is going to be the warmest east
later today and is going to do a series of events for barbara boxer the senator from california as well as the democratic national committee. now, these are going to raise between $3 million and $3.5 million, always helpful when you're running like barbara boxer is in a state as expensive as california to have every dollar you need. california is very interesting. this is a state that is obviously strongly democratic but republicans are optimistic both in the governor's race, very wealthy, former ebay executive meg whitman is running and has already put $59 million of her own money into the race, and in the senate race where they think they have a chance against boxer, whose numbers have really dropped down considerably over the last year or so. >> it looks as though barbara boxer might have a more competitive race than is normally the case so we'll be looking at that tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports" and tomorrow on the show we'll talk to senator blanche lincoln on financial reform, one of the top competitive races
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